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Coralino was founded in 2004 by a group of investing businessmen who share a great love of the soil and a passion for making it produce.

We sited our plant in Nonogasta, Chilecito, La Rioja Province, Argentina because we saw a need for a model walnut-processing plant in a region that could guarantee the supply of high quality walnuts in the quantities we needed. Our aim: to become one of the major producers in South America, fully committed to maintaining high standards of quality, honesty and seriousness in all our dealings.

West of de Famatina valley are the foothill to the Andes mountains. While the east limits with the Velazco Chain, with its maximum height at El Cotao of 4,275 meters. In between these valleys stands the Famatina Chain, with its maximum height at Cerro General Belgrano of 6,250 meters also known as Nevado de Famatina. This mountain chain is internationally known and gives name to these valleys.

At Coralino we have gathered together a team of experts in the development and production of high quality fruits. This enables us to offer clients a range of selected varieties of inshell and shelled walnuts in all their different fractions, colours and sizes, all of which comply with National and International Standards of Quality.

Presently, 100% of our cracking is done manually, assuring precision and obtaining unique products both in quality and size.

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At present we have 800 planted hectares (650 of Chandler variety and 150 of Serr variety) and we have an additional 400 hectares to be planted during 2018 and 2019. With this Coralino S.A will have a total of 1200 self own full productive hectares.

Our walnut groves are situated in the following areas: Sañogasta, 15 kilometres from the plant and Guanchin, 27 kilometres from the plant, distances which allow us to start processing our walnuts quickly and effectively thus ensuring top quality in the final product.

Our commercial profile is orientated towards the most competitive foreign markets such as: Italy, Turkey, Spain, etc. With that in mind 75% of our harvest is exported. In our local market, our strategy is directed mainly towards big supermarket chains, as well as the baking and ice cream industry.

As a result of this specific microclimate, we have the opportunity of starting our Serr harvest at the end of February, and our Chandler harvest at the beginning of March.

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